Welcome to my blog!

I’m Melinda, a marketing executive in a private company in Melbourne. Since my childhood, I’ve visited too many new places with my family. My father worked at an NGO that required frequent traveling to different parts of the world. In many of his trips me, my siblings and mother were his travel partners. At first, I used to hate it, as I had to miss my school many times. But slowly I started enjoying it.

This childhood habit is still there. Whenever I get time from work I travel. I have almost seen half of the world in the past 20 years. This blog is a journal of my interesting travel experiences. You will find many informative articles here that will help you to plan your travel to different countries.

The tips and advice I’ve mentioned in this blog are all from my practical experience. So, if you are looking for some genuine information regarding traveling to various countries then you must read my blog. I hope you will like it!