Black Marlin Fishing Basics in Cairns

The number one place in the world to catch a 1000-lb black marlin is Cairns. Ultimate Marlin fishing in Cairns is seen as a most anticipated activity every year from mid-September to early December.


  • It was in 1966 that the first 1000 lb black marlin was caught in Cairns. This established the reputation of the place during the 70s as the fishing ground to be every year.
  • The least common marlin species is the black marlin. The black marlin is indigenous to subtropical and tropical East Pacific and Indo-Pacific oceans such as Cairns.
  • Every year from late September to early December is black marlin fishing season in Cairns. The giant black marlin returns year after year to spawn in this Great Barrier Reef area.
  • The female black marlin has weight ranges from 700 lbs to 1300 lbs. The greater abundance, however, is with the smaller male species alongside the huge females. The weight range for male black marlins is small at 250 lbs. Yet, their great numbers far outweigh the female species.
  • The sheer number of male black marlins and the huge weight of the bigger females are the top-most reason for anglers to flock to Cairns every fishing season. It’s even said that you haven’t fished at all if you haven’t experienced marlin fishing in Cairns.
  • One of the highly sought after in big-game fishing is the world’s fastest fish known as the black marlin.
  • Cairns have gained a reputation for being the world’s gamefishing region because more black marlin weighing over 1000 lbs are caught in their waters.
  • The attraction Cairns have on the black marlin is the abundance of food supply brought on by the rich waters in the nearby continental shelf and off the reefs.

Fishing Charter Offers in Cairns


Various Charter boat fishing is offered in Cairns. Hiring a charter boat may include:

  • Giving you the best fishing experience by following the blue marlin up and down the more than 100 mile stretch of reef between Lizard Island and Cairns
  • Spear fishing/snorkelling/and swimming along the “Ribbon Reefs” in any typical morning of the fishing season
  • Morning fishing for sport fish and bait
  • Fishing the large-sized black marlin before
  • Option of staying overnight on the boat while anchored comfortably on reef anchorages that are minutes away from the fishing ground
  • Chatting, eating and drinking with the crews onboard
  • Reviewing the footage of the day during the social hour on board the charter boat
  • Enjoying the bonus of the fantastic views, scenery, and locations
  • 3-10 days live-aboard fishing duration
  • Whole boat charter option
  • Catering comfortably up to four anglers
  • Mothershipping availability upon request
  • Charter includes the supply of tackles
  • Availability of 35-55 ft custom game vessels fitted out with all the modern trappings of electronics and gadgetry such as underwater cameras and sonar.
  • Precision-made 80-130 lb reels matched to custom-built, top-quality tackle available on some chartered boats
  • World-class skippers and crew


The fishing does not begin and end only during black marlin season in Cairns. Other times of the year bring species such as Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Spanish mackerel, Wahoo, and Barracuda.




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