Different types of Brisbane Family Resorts


Family vacations are milestone events for both parents and children. Vacations are perfect family bonding times and the right choice of the resort makes it more memorable.

A Brisbane vacation presents travelling families a wide range of Brisbane family resorts to suit preference and taste. Choosing a suitable resort is the best way for every member of the family to relax and enjoy.


Family resorts have evolved over the years. Travelling families nowadays have the option to choose the resort that fits their budget and interest.


Beach resorts

Travelling families preferring to be near the beach 24/7 during their vacation will find the perfect solution in beach resorts. Beach resorts have become popular for the numerous exciting water adventures offered. Water adventures such as jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, snorkelling, boating, and kayaking guarantee total entertainment for the whole family. Additionally, activities such as playing tennis or horseback riding are offered by some beach resorts.


Luxury resorts

If money is not an issue, luxury resorts offer the ultimate comfort and luxury for the entire family. Luxury resorts have fully-staffed premises, first-class cuisine, and the best services and amenities to make the stay exciting and enjoyable for everyone. The rooms in these resorts tend to be comfortable and large along with the height of luxury amenities such as huge plasma TVs, hot tubs, down-filled duvets, and marble bathrooms.


All-inclusive resorts

All-inclusive resorts are the typical and popular kinds of resorts today. Its popularity is because of the one-set price to cover the stay including unlimited entertainment, drink, activities, and food. This gains a travelling family the benefit of an all-around stay and entertainment for one price. Amenities such as airfare and hotel transfers are also included in the set packages offered by all-inclusive resorts.

Pet-friendly resorts

Travelling families that want their pets along with them during vacation time can stay at pet-friendly resorts. These types of resorts allow pets to live with their owners in their rooms. However, the animal’s size is restricted to some of these resorts. It’s best to find out first to know the protocol about pets a potential pet-friendly resort has.


Island resorts

Vacationing on a private island can become real with island resorts. These kinds of resorts occupy a single island where guests are entertained with water adventures from boating, snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving, and more.


Spa resorts

If the ultimate pampering and relaxation is the goal of the vacation, spa resorts offer them in spades. A wide range of ailments is rejuvenated and detoxified in these kinds of resorts. The relaxing and soothing vacation will all be about facials, pedicures, hot-stone massages, body wraps, and more.


Tropical resorts

Sun worshippers will have the time of their lives when choosing to stay in tropical resorts. Summers spent on these resorts will enjoy the best of both worlds: the hot sun and white sand beaches.


Mountain resorts

Adventures in the great outdoors are the benefits gained when opting to stay in mountain resorts. Guests are given the chance to enjoy the superb view and great hiking activities. Mountain resorts also offer winter activities such as sleigh rides, downhill skiing, and more.


The various types and kinds of resorts ensure to provide families with a great getaway during their vacation. Ultiqa offer Brisbane family resorts that your family will enjoy and love.






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