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Airport Transport

Transportation is an essential component of a growing economy. This kind of service is given special attention in Wollongong where airline passengers from either departures or arrivals have the option to choose from a wide variety of vehicles to take them into their different destinations. Before you get excited, let us understand the business first.

Why are there airport transfer services?

People who often fly for business or pleasure understand that there are unpredictable events that could take place anytime. The following examples explain the need to have them around:

  • Bad weather – This is mainly the reason why flights of all sort are delayed. Aviation authorities will never allow planes to take off when there is an ongoing storm. Likewise, arrivals have the same plight since airlines are unsafe in unfriendly skies. In case the location of the airport you have checked-in has an isolated weather condition, you could choose to transfer to a nearby Wollongong airport, provided that your ticket matches the airline service to where you are going.
  • Untoward accidents – This could happen anytime and anywhere. On the ground or mid-air, this reality is inevitable. A take-off could be compromised if accidents obstruct a runway. Similarly, landings are also not permitted unless the runway is clear and safe.
  • Acts of violence and terrorism – In case of a bombing or a highjack, both the airline and the passengers are in a dangerous situation. In most cases where there is a lockdown, passengers are not allowed a building until everything is cleared or settled.
  • Airline company violations – If either the aeroplane or the crew has committed any breach of whatever nature or degree, flights are temporarily suspended until the case is resolved or settled by authorities.
  • Chance flights and passengers – In situations where flights are fully-booked especially during peak seasons, chance passengers pray that a passenger will cancel a flight in order to assume the seat or slot.
  • Specific aviation regulations or policies – A captain or a co-pilot can be grounded if found to have expired licenses. In addition, to assure the safety of the business and its passengers, a jet or an aeroplane is also not allowed to fly, travel or operate if found by certain authorities not airworthy or has questionable status as shown in its supporting records or documents.

How to avail of transport transfers with ease and comfort

Before your flight or deciding to transfer airports, make sure you have brought everything necessary for the journey especially your passport. Also, have an estimate of your luggage weight in order not to cause a significant amount of delay. This will determine the type of vehicle service you are about to hire. In case you fly with your family, make sure everyone is accounted for to avoid discomfort by congestion. Never bring any item that is prohibited, and you should always remember that based on international laws, you should not bring money more than what you need. You might be suspected of illegal activities like money-laundering, and this can cause a lot more problems than you thought.


If someone is expecting you to arrive or you expecting someone to arrive, proper communication is necessary. Inform each other who’s going to fetch you or the visitor. Have his name known beforehand and the name of the one who will arrive in order to avoid miscommunication. Lastly, consider also the baggage to know in advance the type of transportation you will hire along the way.

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