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Choosing the right whale watching tour

Whale watching can be a one in a life time kind of experience, especially when you are on the right whale watching tour. You would you get to glimpse these humongous creatures frolicking in their natural habitat and it’s an experience which is truly unforgettable in every sense of the word.

However, if you really want to experience whale watching in the best possible way, it’s necessary that you choose the right whale watching tours in Hervey Bay.

Before you embark on a tour make sure to keep all of the following things in mind:

  • Research at least two or three different whale watching tours in Hervey Bay. Each tour costs different. Of course the boat and the amenities being offered on board would differ. Choose a tour which I within your budget but beware of going for a tour which is way cheaper than others. Chances are you might not be on the most comfortable boating vessel and it might spoil all the fun for you as well. You need a tour which as the right amenities and the right tour guide to help you sight out a whale when they see one even from far off.
  • A regular tour can be anywhere from about ninety minutes to about three hours. It all depends upon when a whale can be sighted. There is a greater chance of a whale sighting on a boat tour. However all boats maintain a distance of at least fifty meters from the whales so as to not disturb these gentle creatures.
  • Make sure you are dressed properly a evening on the boat can get cool pretty quick. Make sure to dress in layers so you can up or down depending on the temperature.
  • Also get to know what kind of amenities would be provided on the tour. While there are some tours which offer pick and drop to and from your hotel, there are few which would require you to be at the deck on time. . Make sure you know how things would progress to avoid any unnecessary delays.
  • Ensure that you make an early booking especially during peak tourist season. You don’t want to miss out the fun just because you couldn’t find yourself a nice spot on the boats. Also if you make an early booking, you might be able to secure an early bird discount. If you are a morning person choose the early morning tours. If you prefer sedate evenings by the water then choose tours which start somewhere during the late afternoon.

Hervey Bay has the best whale watching opportunities. It’s famous the world over. It offers the opportunity of watching humpback whales in their natural habitat. If you are in love with all things nature than you would love getting on one or two day cruise offered at Hervey Bay. The breath taking view of Fraser island and the pristine waters of Hervey bay are a sight to behold.

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